Travelling Tuscany: Florence

Ponte Vecchio (Old Bridge) in Florence, Italy

After Czeching out Prague, we ventured south to the absolutely incredible country, Italy. We decided to spend our time in Tuscany (Italian: Toscana | German: Toskana) and were based in the Tuscan capital Florence (Italian: Firenze | German: Florenz). Exploring Florence was a first for both of us and an experience that is one of our favourites… although, Italy as a whole captured our hearts. The city is known as the “cradle of the Renaissance” (la culla del Rinascimento) because of the architecture of the buildings, churches and monuments. The city is absolutely stunning. Time in Tuscany is never long enough! We chose to stay in Florence because we both wanted to see the city, and also travel to Siena and Pisa.

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Jeffreys Bay: Surfers Paradise


Jeffreys Bay (JBay) is a small unassuming town in the Eastern Cape that has attracted surfers and beach lovers for years. This little town will always hold a special place in our hearts because it is one of the places where we fell in love 💛 We hope that this introduction to the bay will inspire you to make a trip here soon!

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Two magnificent Bavarian castles


The palaces, castles and fortresses of Europe are always interesting to Jordan because there are so few in South Africa. We have been lucky enough to have visited two of the most spectacular monuments in Bayern (Bavaria), Germany: Nymphenburg Palace and Neuschwanstein Castle. Both are magnificent and deserve some of your time.

When she cannot believe her eyes
When she cannot believe she is seeing her ‘Disney Castle’

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Robberg Nature Reserve


This post introduces you to one of our most loved places in South Africa and one of our favourite hikes. Along the famous Garden Route in South Africa is the coastal town Plettenberg Bay. A mere 8 km south of this town is the Robberg Nature Reserve. The reserve is one of the Cape Nature reserves. The hikes in the Robberg Nature Reserve are well known and treasured by many locals and visitors. We have hiked Robberg numerous times, making day trips to Plett from PE or staying the weekend in the town. The stunning photographs we have captured have encouraged friends to experience the hike with us as well. This phenomenal peninsula will always have a special place in our hearts; yours too if you decide to hike it.

View of the peninsula head from the Island
View of the peninsula head from the Island

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Czeching out Prague in a day


Our first international holiday together was to Europe. We flew into Munich and after a few days made our way to Prague, Czech Republic. In Munich, we took the Express Bus at 8:00 and arrived in Prague at 16:30. We both suffer from motion sickness so we were a tad grumpy by the time we arrived – always a great way to be on your first vacation together 😂 Our moods improved with the prospect of getting off the bus and exploring this new city. Dan had been once before when he was younger and couldn’t remember much of the city; this was my first time in Prague.

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Sunday lunch at Zuurberg Mountain Village


Last Sunday was dreadfully cold with the icy PE wind chilling your bones. This did not deter us; we were still up for an adventure! We joined two marvellous friends for a buffet Sunday lunch at Zuurberg Mountain Village. It was our first visit there and it definitely will not be our last!

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The Striptease Hike

An absolutely beautiful hike in Tsitsikamma

As our first post, we thought we would introduce ourselves through the Striptease hike, on which Dan proposed earlier this year  with some travel info on the places we went to provided. As told by Jordan.

Engaged on the Striptease Hike in Tsitsikamma, South Africa
Pure happiness on the Striptease Hike, Tsitsikamma

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