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About us

Hello, fellow travellers! Welcome to our blog.

This is us

We are an international couple: Daniel is German and Jordan is South African. Our story began at a university in South Africa and a few years later we married in Germany.

We are employed full-time and are always looking to travel more. Through sharing and learning of each other’s heritage, we deepened our wanderlust and longed to create travel stories with each other. This was how the blog came about – to share our adventures and encourage more people to explore this magnificent planet.

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Our interests

As geographers, we love exploring and surrounding ourselves with nature so hiking and star gazing are a few of our favourite things. We love coastal living but give us a mountain to conquer, a river to follow and a forest to get lost in, and we will be equally delighted. This doesn’t mean we don’t like a little luxury from time to time. Essentially, we are up for any adventure. We choose to give and share ‘experiences’ over material gifts as often as possible.

Our blog

‘The Timeless Voyagers’ name most aptly describes us because:

  • we are timeless (eight-to-five jobs)
  • we want our travels to feel timeless
  • voyagers are explorers and we try to explore a place and not simply visit

The blog has helped us feed our wanderlust and reminders us to immerse ourselves as deeply as we can when travelling to known and unknown places.

We are focussed on part-time travel because that is the travel we can do. Part-time travel includes micro-adventures in and around your city, weekend getaways, extended getaways, and international trips. Don’t think you can’t be a tourist in your own city.

Connect with us

One of the things we love about being travel bloggers is connecting with so many people from around the world. We would love to hear from you: tell us some of your most memorable and favourite places to visit so that we can add it to our always growing bucket list.

Comment on our blog posts or on our social media profiles: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

Enjoy the voyage with us! 🌻

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