The view of Prague from the Prague Castle. Prague in a day

Czeching out Prague in a day

On this voyage, we take to you the charming city of Prague. Often time in a city is short, whether the destination is a layover or a short stop-over. This was Prague for us – a short stop-over that left us with one full day to explore a city full of history and the cultural hub of Czech Republic. 

Prague was the second stop on our first international trip together. We flew into Munich and spent time with Daniel’s family. After a few days, we took the Express Bus at 8:00 and headed to Prague, arriving at 16:30. We both suffer from motion sickness so it was a long ride on the bus and were a tad grumpy. Our grumpiness lessened as our excitement grew while driving into the city. The following day was the only one we had to explore Prague. One day to experience one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The pressure was on!

The Ultimate Prague Tour: Prague in a day

Having a limited time to explore the city, we researched Prague day tours. There were mixed reviews on Trip Advisor for all the tours offered. Looking at which tour we would get the most out of, we finally decided on The Ultimate Tour. This tour was one of the most expensive offered but it was also the most extensive.

The brochure described it as a ~6 hour tour with transportation around the city being a combination of walking, by tram and by boat. We also received lunch so it seemed like a good choice. We were to meet at Wenceslas Square the next morning. This is a major square in the city surrounded by numerous hotels, restaurants and the National Museum.

We headed to the square the next morning by tram from our accommodation. We bought our tickets for the English-spoken tour and waited on the benches. There were so many tours happening around the city and fellow tourists were checking which tours people were on so that we were already somewhat grouped together. Our tour started upon meeting our guide, Helga (a well-informed woman with brilliant English).

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Part 1: Walking Tour

There was A LOT of walking. This was the main way we got around the city.

We walked through buildings and squares as we made our way to the Old Town Square. The astronomical clock was truly exquisite and was expectedly completely surrounded by tourists and tour groups. The clock was installed in the early 1400s and is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. 

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Walking down alleys and around buildings, the locations of many attractions were pointed out to us. We were told what their focusses were, but we did not go into most of them. There were ones that we would have like to go into, but we guess this helped the tourists with more time in the city to decide which attractions to return to (e.g. the Jewish Quarter, the Lennon wall, museums and churches past by).

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Part 2: Boat Tour

After walking for a good long while (literally hours) we made our way to the Vltava River and down to the boat. It was a bit chilly and it was drizzling on and off. People in the tour group moved in and out of the cabin, going onto the boat deck to see monuments or get some air. We received complimentary drinks and everyone enjoyed the break from walking.  Once we had passed under Charles Bridge we turned around and headed back to the dock. 

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After the boat trip, we walked back into the city and entered a local contemporary restaurant for our tour-included three-course meal. The first course was soup, which was perfect to warm us up. The second course had four options. There was a choice between (1) beef goulash with dumplings or (2) pork and cabbage with dumplings. There was a third option, called the international option (chicken and potato chips) and a fourth vegetarian option (fried cheese with potato and tartare source). The third course was a small desert. 

For the main meal, we both had the beef goulash and dumplings because our guide recommended the dish for its popularity in the country. Many fellow tourers were unimpressed with the meal, but many did not try the Czech options. We enjoyed the three-course meal and after a full morning of walking, we were hungry and grateful for the food. The food and the portion sizes may not be the best you’ve had but the experience was great. 

Part 3: Tram Tour to the Castle

For the last part of the tour, we headed to Charles Bridge (a beautiful historic bridge built in the 1300s) and made wishes at the wishing stations during our crossing. The bridge is the oldest bridge that extends across the Vltava River and the second oldest bridge in the Czech Republic. 

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We then took the tram to Prague Castle were able to see the changing of the guards which was interesting and fun to watch. The castle and cathedral are perched on the hill overlooking the city. Both monuments were absolutely stunning!

If you wanted to explore features within the castle there were additional costs. There is a small market street in the castle grounds. Walking down the alley with the little shops on either side takes you back to times gone by. The views from the castle over the city were spectacular.

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Part 4: Getting Back

Once up at the Castle the tour ended. There was no travel back into town as part of the tour. We were to make our back on our own and at our own cost. This wasn’t made clear and resulted in a poor end for many people in the tour group. We didn’t have a map of the city so retraced our movements to find our way back to Wenceslas Square.

Gute Reise!

The tour wasn’t everything we had hoped for but we were able to see a lot of the city in a short time. We look forward to exploring more of the city ourselves on our next visit. We loved the history of Prague but it was definitely one of the busiest places we have been to.

We suggest using Flixbus for bus connections around Europe 👍 If you have more time in the city it would be useful to buy the Prague City Card. It lasts 2 – 4 days depending on which card you buy.

A warning was given to us: Be aware of pickpocketers around the clock tower. There are hundreds of people pushing passed while others are hoping to capture the perfect photograph and you may not always realise what is happening.

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