Bergrivier Eco Retreat stay and hike

You know those times when you poured water into your mug but forgot to boil the kettle first, or you have water ‘boiling’ on the stove, but the stove isn’t on. At the end of last year we felt like that constantly. Daniel was away a lot, travelling for work, and I had deadlines to meet for my PhD. Stress levels were too damn high, so we looked online for an escape that was close by and affordable. Fortunately, we found an amazing deal on SafariNow for a stay at Bergrivier Eco Retreat (50 km outside Port Elizabeth on the way to Jeffreys Bay). We booked for the next available weekend and counted down the days to our stay. For the next week, we smiled a little more feeling that new trip thrill. Continue reading Bergrivier Eco Retreat stay and hike

Lady Slipper Hike


Something a little different for us but here’s a poem on the Lady Slipper Hike in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.



The Timeless Voyagers hiked up Lady Slipper,
to explore new places as two trippers.
The path was marked and often pretty steep,
with mesmerising silence leaving not a peep.

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We stopped frequently to enjoy the views and smells,
taking breaks for our lungs to swell.
Once at the top of Lady Slipper,
we kicked back with Grapetisers for a sipper.

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We ate our snack whilst sitting on rocks,
appreciating the sights with no socks.
The wind picked up and it got colder,
so we swung the rucksack on our shoulder.

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We started the journey of descent,
and it was time together well spent.
Enjoying the mountain’s path meander,
we had fun chats, laughs and candour.

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The hike is clean with no litter in sight,
so let us keep it that way, alright!
A restaurant is placed at the mountain’s base,
so find a space and enjoy the place.

To our family, friends and fellow travellers: a hike well worth it!
But remember to get that R20 permit.

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We wish you farewell with no further distraction and look forward to your next interaction. Hopefully you enjoyed this blog post and will hike Lady Slipper to toast.

See the Facebook Pages for Lady Slipper and Falcon Rock Country Restaurant for routes. The hike is steep and can be slippery so wear the appropriate shoes, don’t hike alone, and watch your step.

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Lady Slipper Hike Poem. The Timeless Voyagers
Lady Slipper Poem